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    1.  Natural whoops.

    2.  Single low angle

           jumps under


    3. ALL bikes & riders



Original Standard Motocross is a group of motocrossers dedicated to less risk in riding motocross. Our club is all about having fun and ‘run what ya brung’ in a friendly environment where you can test your skills, bench race with novices and experts or just hang out for the day. As our logo states, this is old school motocross with no bike and body destroying gap jumps, deep whoops or steep angles. Just great riding on a challenging track, with good friends to enjoy it with you. From Vintage to post-Vintage to modern bikes, ALL riders and their bikes are welcome! Our motto and goal is, “Ride Sunday, work Monday.”

    It’s all about the track!


We meet every 3rd Sunday of the month at MMX, 981 Shad Road, Marysville, CA.

The ride begins at 9am and lasts till 2pm.


For more information, go to our Facebook page,

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